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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

UKGC To Inspect Operators' Social Responsibility Efforts

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UKGC To Inspect Operators' Social Responsibility Efforts
UKGC To Inspect Operators' Social Responsibility Efforts

The UK Gambling Commission has announced they will conduct an investigation on 17 online gambling operators. They cite suspicion of anti-money laundering lapses and general social responsibility omissions as the reasons for this pending probe. Prior to this, the UKGC was making a “thematic review” to establish the manner in which operators follow the rules.

All online casinos currently operating in the UK have got a letter from the UKGC, stating that there are serious concerns that certain operators are not putting enough effort into meeting their legal obligations to prevent the above-mentioned money laundering actions. Five of seventeen operators are facing a serious threat of losing their licenses entirely, if the Commission deems it necessary.

Chief executive, Sarah Harrison, stressed the importance of protecting consumers in the gambling industry environment. She said that it is vital that crime is kept out of gambling and that, therefore, the Commission has come up with a new strategy that should make for a safer and fairer market for all.

She continued, “The action we are taking to examine online casino operators’ compliance with money laundering and customer interaction requirements is just one example of how we will be relentless in turning that vision into reality. As the online sector continues to grow, and now accounts for a third of the British gambling market, it is right that we maintain a sharp focus on online gambling.”

Harrison added: “That is why in addition to our work on compliance among online casino operators, we have also been conducting a wider ranging review of online gambling looking at how the market has evolved and to identify where further action can be taken to make gambling fairer and safer for consumers.”


"UKGC letter to online casino operators",, January 5, 2018.

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