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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Lure of Venus

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The Lure of Venus
The Lure of Venus

Night has fallen around Las Vegas. The distant mountains are dark blurs on the desert landscape behind the neon lights of the casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard.

The night beckons on.

Gamblers are nocturnal. We are like the lit end of a cigarette waiting to smoke. Where we land depends on the size of our bankroll and the city where we find ourselves.

Sometimes we find ourselves winners but there are times when we are on the losing end of a streak. Then we can only go back to the basics to find out what went wrong and hopefully correct it.

I don't think there is a man alive who has visited all the casinos in Las Vegas.

There are casinos within casinos and each of them tries to offer something unique to the public. No, once you find your casino in Las Vegas, you generally stick to it.I have only a couple of casinos where I play poker but it's usually The Orleans.

My last visit to The Orleans was far from profitable. Either I had a terrible run of cards which was possible or the Las Vegas folks outplayed me. That is always a distinct possibility.

There are two cities where I love to lurk in back allies to find hidden bars and places of pleasure. One is in Honolulu, the other is Las Vegas.

Honolulu has its legalized prostitutes and Las Vegas has its legalized gambling. The prostitutes make their evening march down a wide boulevard, drawing admiring glances from the male passersby.

The girls march three or four abreast, smiling at the onlookers. You may approach them but don't be rude. If you are, they will ignore you.

The neon lights of Las Vegas lure you like Venus would lure you on the rocks. Come and try your luck, the colors and gold beckon. Try your luck and you may be rewarded.

And so the gambler tries. Sometimes his efforts are rewarded, sometimes not. But he always tries and there is always tomorrow.

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