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Friday, June 29, 2018

Dobrobet Casino Caught with Pants Down, Does the Right Thing

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Dobrobet Casino Caught with Pants Down, Does the Right Thing
Dobrobet Casino Caught with Pants Down, Does the Right Thing

Rogue report detailing pirated software discovered at Dobrobet Casino, a recent arrival on the iGaming scene in Eastern Europe, published yesterday, hasn't even settled yet and we already have an update for you! The kind we think you'll be glad to hear. Earlier today we were contacted by the brand and notified they have actually removed all pirated games from the website, and are now offering only licensed products. Needless to say, this is great news, but does it mean they are off the hook?

Let's be fair - you have to give it to them for acting so quickly. This was probably the fastest we've seen a rogue outlet make amends, and they didn't even complain or try to justify their wrongdoing. That doesn't mean we should simply erase the past and forget all about the fake slots that would still be there if he hadn't kicked up a fuss about it! As our CEO Zuga likes to say: we don't know what's worse, offering pirated games on purpose, or out of ignorance. And really, there is simply no excuse for taking people and their hard-earned income so lightly. Gambling, and especially its online variant, is a serious hobby that takes time, effort and most of all - money. Why betray the trust of your customers and put your business at risk by acting so recklessly?

Nevertheless, if they get listed on our site, there will be no warning attached to their name, meaning the operator will not be placed on the Rogue list. We do not recommend them to players, however, and wish for you to be aware of Dobrobet's past deeds when considering this casino as your gaming hub. For this reason, a popup box will appear when clicking on the Play button in the review, redirecting to other reputable venues we recommend instead.

As a reminder, LCB caught Dobrobet, registered in Bulgaria and licensed through Curacao, offering counterfeits of popular NetEnt and Playtech video slots. You can read all about the incident in our Warning report, but to summarize - we exposed this fact to the general public, along with several other issues such as deficient terms and conditions, and a somewhat questionable registration policy.

Let's hope the brand will live up to their name ('dobro' means good) in the future. They have a long way to go before we can say they are safe to register with and play for real cash.

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