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Friday, June 22, 2018

Shadowbet Casino Earns LCB Seal of Approval

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Shadowbet Casino Earns LCB Seal of Approval
Shadowbet Casino Earns LCB Seal of Approval

When a casino is the “whole package,” universally cherished for having an exquisite entertainment suite, flawless security measures and dedicated staff, friendly reps, punter-friendly terms and stunning promotions – people begin to take notice. Soon enough, the said casino builds up a strong reputation, an army of loyal players and followers and an all-around aura of a safe and fun haven for everyone to enjoy. In this business, all revolving around the delicate balance of financial losses and gains, on the sides of both customers and operators– this is a rare feat to accomplish.

Yet, there are those who transcend the boundaries of mediocrity with ease and enter the realm reserved for the elite, for the legendary. LCB is proud to announce that Shadowbet Casino has officially become one such online casino, by awarding it with our very own Seal of Approval!

Years of fair and honest practice, the impeccable relationship with its players this casino has carefully cultivated since its inception has qualified Shadowbet for this prestigious token we reserve only for the very best. Numerous testimonies from customers speak of the site's great VIP perks, first time depositor bonuses and other benefits that you should definitely consider if you're thinking of joining– and if you're still unsure, you can read our full review on the designated page (check out the link above in this article).

Oh, and as a cool little extra – the site is one of the casinos partaking in our ongoing LCB Rewards Program. So, there's another incentive to join this amazing place – make your first deposit there and earn a $3 LCB chip that you can redeem in our Shop for any of the items.

Join us in congratulating Shadowbet for their newly acquired recognition. Are you a member of theirs? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share a couple of things you like best about it…

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