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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

LCB Sister Sites Blacklist the infamous Affiliate Edge

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LCB Sister Sites Blacklist the infamous Affiliate Edge
LCB Sister Sites Blacklist the infamous Affiliate Edge

Great news for LCB'ers - especially fellow US players!

What happened?

Remember the CWC/Affiliate Edge controversy over covertly shaving players from affiliate accounts?

Guess what! The notorious group has been officially BLACKLISTED by our sister sites too. and joined the ranks of gaming portals...

...who will not support the shady business of this infamous operator and their affiliate program.

Here's the gist

Formerly a respected RTG brand and a very popular affiliate, Affiliate Edge suffered some internal management conflicts in 2016.

The most experienced of the owners was forced to leave...

...and that's when the problems started.

Their partners noticed revenue loss. It was sudden and seemingly inexplicable.

...and discovered Affiliate Edge was de-tagging them to cut the commission they owned to honest partners.

Making their findings public - it was the nail in the coffin to an already sinking company.

They lost all integrity - the virtue of every respectable iGaming brand.

Strange, isn't it?

To see an already successful company squander everything they've built and gone down the rogue path...

We have to ask ourselves why? seems they've made a huge mistake - asking the wrong company for advice.

Rumor has it their new 'expert' advisor is (brace yourselves):

None other than the infamous Affpower!

Unrepentant distributor of pirated software...

Unethical thief of rightly earned winnings...

Hacking websites and flooding them with their own adds without permission...

You name it- they've surely done it!


Quite a number of RTG online casinos still operates under CWC label - all part of Affiliate Edge program.

Here are a few venues listed at LCB with the Warning sign:

High Noon Aladdin's Gold Lucky Red Manhattan Slots All Star Slots Club SA Buzzluck

Though American gamers, left without much choice, played at these venues without too many issues...

...we urge you not to support brands that cheat partners - effectively stealing their hard-earned revenue!

If they can do it to affiliate clients...

What makes you think players won't be the next victims of their greed?

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