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Saturday, August 25, 2018

BtoBet Appoints Cerna As Head of Gaming

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BtoBet Appoints Cerna As Head of Gaming
BtoBet Appoints Cerna As Head of Gaming

An important aspect of growing a successful business in the gambling industry is achieved through strengthening the company’s leadership. On that account, BtoBet has made the next step towards bolstering the group’s structure by appoiting Jean-Baptiste Cerna as its Head of Gaming.

After entering the Peruvian market, the major sportsbook and iGaming provider is using all the necessary opportunities to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing industry. By appointing a huge expert such as Cerna, who possesses enormous knowledge of various gaming scenarios, the company will ensure a leading position in the industry, and, according to Jean-Baptiste, his new role will be based on a threefold principle:

“My first responsibility is to bring a direct business point of view in different aspects of our Gaming Platform. Having a clear vision of the needs from both the operator’s side and ultimately the players themselves, I have to translate those requirements in evolutions and functionalities to make our platform a ‘must to play on’.”

Guidelines For Best Player Experience

The expert added that his new mission as head of gaming at BtoBet also includes the improvement of clients’ operations, as well as to establish strategy that would ensure maximum player experience on all gaming platforms. In addition to his statement, the group’s chairman, Alessandro Fried, said that adding Cerna to the team will help transforming the company’s strategic growth, which is crucial for further evolution on the market and the overall improvement of products.

Perhaps the greatest asset of BtoBet is its talented and well-trained development team, who manages to completely personalize sports betting opportunities and iGaming offerings, both for mobile and retail. The company’s technical branches are located all over Europe, but its main teams are stationed in Macedonia, Serbia, Italy and so on.


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