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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Two More WPT500 Los Angeles Flights Now in the Books, Only Two More Left

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Two More WPT500 Los Angeles Flights Now in the Books, Only Two More Left

Poker excitement is building up at The Bicycle Casino where the latest installment of the WPT500 is taking place. The ongoing WPT500 Los Angeles is a special one. The $570 buy-in tournament features a record number of starting flights, which means a record number of opportunities for player to join the field.

Two more starting flights were completed on Friday at the host casino and there are just two more left before the remaining survivors head to The Bike for Day 2 of the major tournament.

A massive field was built on Day 1M of the event. There were 301 players to enter through that starting flight. However, only 15 of them were lucky and persistent enough to make it through the very end and bag and tag for the night. They will have one day for a much-deserved rest and to craft their strategies of how to approach the Day 2 field. Day 2 of the tournament will be played Sunday at the casino.

Jose Gallardo finished the Day 1M starting flight as the chip leader among the 15 remaining hopefuls. The player had a total of 975,000 in chips at the end of the day. Jose Torres finished second in chips with 677,000 and Derek Lacock collected the third largest stack of 636,000 in chips.

About Day 1N

The Turbo-structure Day 1N also took place on Friday at the host casino. It drew 100 warriors seeking a shot at the title and the first-place prize. After 22 levels of play, there were only five players left to whom the original field had been whittled down.

Adin Gardenswartz was the one to put the largest stack in his end-of-the-day bag. The player had a total of 616,000 at that point. He was followed by David Marshall with 492,000 and Martin Zamani with 348,000. Kai Yang and Robert Rubano were the other two players to have survived through the end of the day. They bagged 287,000 and 244,000, respectively.

The final starting flights of the event are set to be played later today. They might turn out to be the biggest ones so far as they will be interested players’ last opportunity to join the event. The tournament features unlimited re-entries until registration for each of the two starting flights played over a day closes at the beginning of Level 9.

As mentioned earlier, Day 2 is slated for commencement at 1 pm local time at the host casino. It will see the survivors from all the starting flights brought together for the first time. The remaining hopefuls will play down to the final nine who will come back at The Bike on Monday to clash it out until a single player remains on the field. It is yet to be announced how much exactly that one final player will be awarded for their deed.

The WPT500 Los Angeles has drawn 1,860 entries so far and there are 93 to have made it through their respective starting flights.

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